Years of a proven security system that you can rely on ! But which can also conveniently manage a household!

The JA-80 wireless system is a proven system useful for protecting premises, including residential properties, shops, offices, warehouses etc. It can report theft, fire, health problems, intrusion and other possible risks. Through your mobile phone or via the Internet you can keep a continuous track of everything that is happening in your household or company. Its installation is environmentally friendly and affordable.

Environmentally friendly installation

The combination of a wireless and wired solution offered by the JABLOTRON 80 alarm allows environmentally friendly but also very affordable installation at your property. Benefit from our unique Jablotron wireless technology!

Multifunctional use

The JABLOTRON 80 protects you not only against theft, but also against fire, flood or gas leaks. It can control the heating or open garage doors. Make use of the high technology to the fullest!

Accessible from anywhere

Thanks to the free self-service internet access you will be able to reach your JABLOTRON 80 alarm anywhere from your computer or smartphone. Control the alarm and view the events without any limitations.