Commax Monitor

Commax 7" Touchbutton LED Video Intercom Kit (CDV-70K/DRC-40K)

Intercom Commax CDV-70K has a modern design body made in high-tech style. In the intercom screen is a LED light that creates a light and helps guide the intercom location in the dark. Touch control buttons intercom become an integral feature of modern models intercom. Touch-sensitive buttons intercom CDV-70K can operate in several modes of brightness for easy use.

Commax 3.5 touch button color led kit (CDV-35A/DRC-40K)

Economy set of color video phone CDV-35A (headphone design) and color door station DRC-40K, due to its favorable price of replacing this set of black and white systems, video phone, video phone supply 230 V ac (camera unit is powered from the video phone).