KNX U.motion It’s about you ,

Your Personal LifeSpace Management System

It's the solution that turns the place you live in into a comfortable, secure and also efficient

living space: U.motion from Schneider Electric fulfils wishes in one solution. Take a break and enjoy the perfect comfort of the U.motion LifeSpace Management System to recharge and feel good wherever you are.

  • At the touch of a button

    U.motion is the LifeSpace Management System that provides convenience in control and fully centers on you

    All building functions can be controlled from a central point using Touch Panels, or even your tablet or smartphone, which also provide a continuously clear visualisation of your energy consumption. Building control with U.motion means feeling safe and protected, enjoying easy and convenient operation, achieving efficient and environmentally compatible energy consumption.

  • Convenience in control wherever you are

    Control your building functions the mobile way. Turn your smartphone or tablet into your mobile KNX cockpit to control building functions as well as door communication with the U.motion Apps.

  • Comfort For a guaranteed feel-good effect

    U.motion is your key to all the functions making your life more relaxing: with one easy-to-use interface on all your devices. Therefore the interface is standardised on all control devices for easy navigation and intuitive control. Whether you use a Touch Panel, your smartphone or tablet, you always find the same interface design to control the U.motion system

  • Solid Clean Design

    Made of aluminium and glass, the U.motion Touch Panel family gives you a modern and timeless design

    CBrilliant Display

    Choose from state-of-the-art capacitive LCD Panels in three sizes of 7”, 10” or 15” are available

    Perfect sound

    The integrated speakers and microphone give you a crystal clear sound

    Clear Menu

    The U.motion interface is very easy to understand and enables you to quickly call all building control functions

  • User Login

    Several persons can log in with their personal profi le and retrieve their indi vidual settings

    Floor Plan Icons

    Icons for dimming, blinds or room temperature control prov ide a comfortable status visualisation

    Background Picture

    A picture of a room you want to control with U.motion can be uploaded

    Info & Weather

    The U.motion Touch Panel can be turned into an info board and also gives you current weather information

  • Don't worry and enjoy life

    An overall view for a feeling of security

    By integrating additional cameras into the U.motion system, you can see every little corner of your house so you won’t miss a thing. Having an overview of everything that is happening in and around your house gives you a good feeling – even when you are not at home

  • Everything in view, everything in best order

    Door communication and intercom

    When the doorbell rings, you will appreciate the convenient functions of U.motion. Thanks to the U.motion Touch Panel, you are able to have a look on the camera interface of the video door station, thus recognising that your guests have arrived. With just one push of a button, you can conveniently open the door and let your friends in. Alternatively, you could use the intercom connection between several Touch Panels to quickly ask another family member to welcome your guests personally.

  • Make the most of your energy

    keep an eye on your energy consumption. This means actively influencing your utilisation habits, acting eco-friendly and reducing costs at the same time.

    Improve your private energy efficiency by smart metering visualisation of your consumption: the U.motion Touch Panel can be used to easily check all consumers in your house and to control them from a central point. This gives you a better overview of all devices and as well the good feeling of being already prepared today for tomorrow’s requirements when it comes to energy

  • Monitoring energy consumption

    You can also see how much power the refrigerator, deep-freezer or dishwasher consume, promoting a conscious use of energy and encouraging you not to use them longer than necessary. U.motion not only records the energy consumption of your devices, but you can also selectively switch them on or off.

    Saving energy with U.motion

    Energy management with U.motion is so easy and convenient that you can even control your home‘s energy consumption of your multimedia equipment. By incorporating your audio and video equipment into the U.motion system, you can integrate them into scenes such as “Night scene”. This means that audio and video equipment, for example, are switched-off to no longer consume any power at night.

  • Flexible size

    U.motion Touch Panels are available in three different sizes. From an ultraslim 7“ screen to save space through to an impressive 15“ premium format, you can choose the perfect panel for every size of room

    7 > 136 x 215 x 31 mm

    Vertical and horizontal installation possible

    10 > 349 x 201 x 81 mm

    > Solid design made from aluminium and glass
    > Flat wall installation possible

  • One Interface

    The U.motion interface is standardised on all control devices. Whether you use a Touch Panel, smartphone or tablet, you always use the same interface. This makes handling of U.motion even easier.

  • U.motion Apps – 100% mobile

    The U.motion Apps are free of charge and allow you to control all KNX and door communication functionalities of the U.motion system very comfortably also via your smartphone or tablet.
    Aesthetic Door Stations of Schneider Electric thus not only offer convenient access from any U.motion Touch Panel, with their stylish design they also continue the high quality impression of the whole U.motion LifeSpace Management system outside your front door.