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With a lineup of Digital (2, 6, 12, and 16-Channel) and Analog Power Amplifiers (2, 6, and 12-Channel), ELAN has the right amplifier for any multi-room application you can imagine. If you are looking for high performance, efficiency and great sound in a highly stylized chassis with a smaller footprint than other amps on the market, look to ELAN.

For a complete listing of ELAN amplifiers, download our full-line product catalog.

  • S1616A Amplifier/Integrated Multi-Room Audio Controller

    A 16-channel multi-zone amplifier/controller combining the functionality of the ELAN D16 amplifier and S128P multi-zone controller into a stackable component. Ideal for any installation that requires high quality sound and flexibility in configuration no matter how large the project.

  • D16 16-Channel Digital Power Amplifier

    An audio switcher, preamp and amplifier that delivers up to 75 watts of clean digital power to each of its 16 channels. Perfect for high quality, whole-house stereo music distribution in up to 8 rooms its "green-friendly," low-power standby mode provides nearly instant on.

  • D12 12-Channel Digital Power Amplifier

    Low heat/high efficiency Class D digital technology with 8x oversampling and 48-bit signal processing delivers the cleanest audio and most efficient amplification available. Each of the amplifier's 12 channels has a true power rating of 75W into 8 Ohms and 100W into 4 Ohms, all channels driven.

  • A2 2-Channel Power Amplifier

    In a home theater or distributed audio system, this single rack-height amp can handle the most inefficient freestanding speakers or a whole house full of in-walls: 150 watts per channel into 2-Ohm loads with exceptionally tight bass response and improved dynamic headroom.